Elemensional Rift stages

Elemensional Rift contains a variety of stages with a variety of cultures of with an unique quirk for each stage to provide a personal experience for each individual stage.  Each stage also provides two modes for players to better have the experience that they desire.  The battlefield version provides a gigantic stage with a great variety of full exploration of each scene’s true atmosphere.  The arena version gives players who want a pure, simple, minimal stage to focus on raw combat.


Kaizen's Honden shrine

Kaizen’s Honden


Hina’s Opera House


Nekuen’s Caravan


Mana's Factory

Mana’s Factory


Psyren’s Haunted House


Miroi’s Castle


Drake’s Caverns


‘Zieque’s Theme Park

Mr. Bishounen’s Training Colosseum


Elitist Ivory Tower