The H-o-H gameplay experience

Two gameplay styles

H-o-H has two uniquely polar opposite gameplay styles with uniquely different rewarding styles. The player can either attempt to follow the heavenly route by attempting to play by avoiding all of the dangers and not destroying any of the dangers that exist or take on a darker gameplay style and give into sinister urges to destroy all that threaten the player's progress. Which path will you walk down in your journey? Will you dare to take on the task to master both?

Two completely different paths

H-o-H provides two completely separate paths for the player to journey across. Will one begrudge the difficulties of one's former life and overcome the hardships of past mistakes or will the path of acceptance and giving into one's mistakes fit into a more comforting path. The choice is up to the player and both have equally difficult journies. In the end, only one path can be taken and the journey cannot be changed once the course has set. Eternal paradise or conquering of the everlasting fires, which shall be the one you shall take?

Multitude of power-ups

There is a vast collection of power-ups to aid the player's journey in H-o-H. Based on the player's gameplay style, the power-ups will reward the player accordingly. Evasive and skillful manuevers or an onslaught of carnage have different power-up choices. Choose what you seek and then receive the rewards that best fit your needs.