NR, utd.
Based in Smyrna, GA

Release date:
July 6, 2025



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Elemensional Rift is a clash of the elements rooted at a long standing family rivalry of demigods known as the Elemensional siblings! The balance of power is losing stability and the seeds of the green-eyed monsters are blooming with thirst for the ravages of the family. The fate of the NRverse hangs on the outcome of this clash! The rift is burgeoning out of control as the family has finally agreed to allow outside champions engage in this family’s ferocious tradition. The survivor will shape the balance of the elements to their desires and reign as a god until the next while they fulfill their deepest, most desired wish.


Before the first public appearance

Elemensional Rift began as a solo developer project when NR, utd. lost Psunna during H-o-H development. The purpose of Elemensional Rift was to develop a small enough project with minimal expenses that a single developer can result in raising enough money to help Psunna be able to return working with NR, utd. During the development, Psunna was forced to move on and away from the art field and that allowed NR, utd. to re-evaluate the design to give more depth and meat to the inner mechanics. This change led to a shift in scope to really polish the mechanics and provide much more attention to the more subtle details and greater immersion with the overall feel while maintaining a scope a single developer can manage a quality experience in delivery.

2015 - Year of the first public appearance

Elemensional Rift made it's first public appearance at Momo Con 2015. During that time, it was also running an IndieGoGo campaign. While the campaign did not gain much traction from a solo developer managing so much, the backers that were garnered have been extremely supportive and involved in the shaping and balancing of the cast since. Elemensional Rift's next public appearance was SIEGE 2015 where a lot of new insights and internal designs have since been shaped to change designs that are to come, such as the important details for designing a proper story mode for a modery audience.

2016 - Developing the public pressence

Elemensioanl Rift took on the task of returning to Momo Con during the year of 2016. This return showed the growth of development with positive reception. With the growth, the community showed much greater involvement during the presence. Near the end of the year, Elemensional Rift approached SIEGE 2016 with a much better prepared and more solidifed presence than the former SIEGE appearance..

2017 - Developing the direction of the brand

The year of 2017 has been great traction with the build up of a strong focus on public appearances. Between the months of May and July 2017, Elemensional Rift is on display at Momo Con, Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo, Terminus, and DreamHack (Atlanta). With the wide range of various audiences between the multiple conventions, the team is best capable of a strong feel of how well the game applies to a wide range of player types.

2018 - Building the stage for the larger scenes

For the year of 2018, with experience and confident for handling larger conventions and a more diverse set of audiences, NR, utd. has begun the process of specializing tastes for individual conventions to optimize the experience for the particular audiences. In addition, Elemensional Rift is rearing towards the point of having sufficient content to begin preparation for early access and is ensuring the stability of all available game modes. Elemensional Rift also earned it's first large show official nomination in Dreamhack: Atlanta's Indie Playground for Best Action game nominee.

2019 - Branching to the eSports scene

Riding off the strength of a strong ending to 2019, Elemensional Rift pushed the battle design to a new limit and stepped up to evolve the battle design in a way that truly makes it stand out against the competitors by introducing a dynamic ruling system to keep battles active and unique from battle to battle. Elemensional Rift also began to involve itself with the PCX and hosted a few student team tournaments.

COVID Pandemic

The pandemic affected the entire world in a massive way that provided many unique opportunities for the development process. Elemensional Rift's first priority was to give an overdue and much needed revamp of the visuals. In addition, a rebuilding of the interaction system for the combat also emerged from this period. As the pandemic period began opening up, Elemensional Rift was able to find a local store to begin hostly weekly tournaments and further develop through gameplay interaction with an active, steady, and focused playerbase.


  • 8 core fighters with an additional 8 characters available to be unlocked through player accomplishments
  • Combat supports up to four players simultaneously
  • 9 stages with an additional stage available (each stage with two different modes to appeal to both casual and competitive audiences)
  • A.I. opponents with 5 different difficulty settings to challenge a player playing alone
  • Interactive and destructable environments
  • Dynamic ruling system to keep battles unique and fresh even hours after playing the game.
  • 7 ailments for additional strategy to play around and inflict
  • Multiple game modes outside of freeplay to allow players to both improve new skills while also learning more about the cast
  • A wealth of complex items that can be used for multiple functions
  • Tournament mode for up to 16 players
  • 256 figurines to collect
  • 24 different special guest helpers to be summoned from the Helper's Horn


DreamHack Atlanta 2023 trailer YouTube

Momo Con 2023 convention trailer YouTube

SFGE 2022 convention trailer YouTube