NR, utd.
Based in Smyrna, GA

Release date:
1 February, 2014

PC / Mac
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H-o-H is a rhythmically interactive SHMUP. It also is an exploration of the voyage through the moment between life and death. Exploring Viivi's and Farryl's voyage through the journey from life into death (and thus the afterlife), the player has control over their voyage, the decisions they make to handling their voyage and ultimately their fate. Most transition through into the afterlife with little decision to be made of where they go but these two have been more of victims pushed into actions that make this journey uncertain at best. To further complicate, both choices in the afterlife are on the verge of an apocalyptic war with the Heavenly trying to save those deemed worthy of saving while the Hellish are trying to eliminate the small fledglings that serve merely as a distraction to focus their aims on the greatest threats in their war.


Birth of H-o-H

As NR, utd. previous major project, Mantis Shuffle, was put to rest by consistent financial struggles to complete it, the company began the process of negotiating with investors to begin a new project with a budget. After a bit of time spent developing a currently undisclosed project, NR, utd. was able to find a group of investors interested in supporting the company. As the negotiations continued and the project began to take form, suggestions to make a smaller project came up to see what the team could do with the Unity engine that was intended to be used. The group accepted the task and began the beginning of what become H-o-H.

Leading up to the unveiling

As the beginnings of H-o-H began to take form, response began to cease from the investors. NR, utd. continued on to be ready for the return of communication but time continued and the company had to put a footdown on receiving a response before needing to move on in a different direction and acquire funds from elsewhere. The response did not come. The frustrations of preparing H-o-H for investors that kept wanting to see more without any money provided to keep on going caused a deep rift within the team. The turbulance caused the lead artist and the music composer to go onto other projects that they were offered by different companies. Hope was not lost because there was a beckoning of a different alternative to investors, crowdsouring. This caused a requirement in a major change in the design with the replacement of new team members. Redesign in several main characters as well as a new direction to better fit the new talents of the new composer.

The planned future

The plans of H-o-H have several possibilities based on the uncertainty of a crowdsourcing campaign. Several tiers of content have been planned to keep the team prepared for the various possibilities that can emerge from the campaign. The flexibility and pre-emptive planning shall allow NR, utd. to adapat to most possible contingencies and allow agile movement based on the results. These ideas will be saved as possible DLC, expansions, or sequel features.


  • Dynamic rhythmically interactive experience
  • Culmination of pixel art in a 3D environment
  • SHMUP gameplay designed for touchscreen gameplay or PC gameplay
  • Freedom to choose one's gameplay style
  • Unlockable rewards for those who can complete the game and still want more


Coming soon (currently unavailable) YouTube, Vimeo

Coming soon (currently unavailable) YouTube, Vimeo