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  • Age: 18
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair: Light Brunette
  • Zodiac: Leo

Viivi is a brutally blunt and upfront type of person. This has made life extremely difficult for her to maintain friends. The only person she opens up to is her fraternal twin, Farryl. Her mother is someone who frequently passes out with random boyfriends and Viivi has been abused by her mother's boyfriends on multiple occasions. Viivi has commonly been caught lashing out the frustration of her home life out at school. At school, Viivi is an outcast and is a frequent target of various bullies. While she does try to stay strong and fight back, she almost always is left defeated in her struggles.

After an extremely vicious attack on Viivi in the mall parking lot, Viivi's life begins to crumble. The emotional damage caused from the assault leads to a gradual emotional breakdown as she falls apart. In a state of unable to go to school or even take care of herself, she begins to feel more alone as Farryl becomes preoccupied with school. During his graduation, she attempts to go find Farryl with their acquaintance, Hailey. As she discovers him, she also hears others comments on how fitting Farryl and Hailey are as a couple. Such actions lead Viivi into becoming overcome by an insurmountable wrath full of envy and vengeful rage that results in the death of Viivi, Farryl, and Hailey.



  • Age: 18
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair: Dark Brunette
  • Zodiac: Gemini

Farryl is someone who seeks to try and do the right thing. He is quite intelligent and studies very hard. His habits leave him frequent to being bullied at school but not as often as Viivi. While he commonly has good intentions, he is shy and very hesitant when it comes time to take action. He is very quiet, keeps to himself, and prefers the company of books over people. While he knows people come to him for help and does not like to help them, he continues to help without debate because it is the "right" thing to do.

He has grown up primarily with his fraternal twin, Viivi. When Viivi pushes Farryl away, Hailey begins to open up to admitting her feelings for Farryl but is interrupted by Viivi. Farryl takes care of Viivi while he helps pull her back together after her brutal assault. While Viivi remains at home and recovers from her traumatized experience, Farryl develops a much stronger friendship and eventually hooks up with Hailey. The close bond quickly thrusts Viivi over the edge and leads to a big fight between Viivi. Farryl attempts to help break up the fight but instead gets killed in the process.


  • Age: 17
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Zodiac: Pisces

Hailey is a recent transfer to the school that transferred due to frequently being bullied. Hailey quickly bonds to Viivi due to their shared history and then to Farryl as well. She is very kind, adaptive, and accepting of others and easily bonds to her new environment that she is no longer bullied around in. Before long, she even is accepted into the popular cliques but does not leave her first two friends behind even with her newfound popularity. Her feelings even begin to blossom into a crush for someone as sweet and kind hearted as Farryl.

After Viivi's brutal attack, Hailey feels miserably grief-ridden and blames herself as it was her own idea for the two to hang out. Hailey consistently tries to make amends with Viivi in a safe place but never gets to see her. When Hailey eventually gets a chance to make amends, Viivi refuses to even give Hailey a chance to explain. As time continues on, Hailey continues to help Farryl and they blossom into a couple. Viivi's discovery of the relationship overwhelms with rage and fear of Hailey taking away the last thing left she holds dearly. When Hailey finally gets a chance to talk to Viivi, she tries to explain Viivi's misunderstanding but causes Viivi to erupt and overwhelm into a rage of fury that leads to Hailey's and Viivi's death.


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