How To Play

Gameplay Basics

Intermediate Techniques

Basic Gameplay

Attack your foe with your arsenal of attacks to build up their damage value as you prepare for the next step. Be sure to not let them do the same to you.

As you injure your opponent more, their damage meter builds up. This means they will get knocked back further from incoming attacks.

If an opponent lacks damage, they will remain on the battlefield. If damage is built up, they will be knocked out and eliminated.

Intermediate Techniques

Characters can perform mid-air jumping by pressing the jump button while in the air. Mid-air jumps are restored by returning to most forms of ground and platforms.

Some characters can perform more mid-air jumps than others.

Successfully guarding against attacks greatly reduces damage and knockback received

Tap the jump button to hop. Holding the jump button can allow for a greater jump.

Thin platforms allow leaping up through to stand upon from below. Such platforms can also be used to leap downward to maneuver across the battlefield.

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