Elemensional Rift

Elemensional Rift is a clash of the elements rooted at a long standing family rivalry of demigods known as the Elemensional siblings! The balance of power is losing stability and the seeds of the green-eyed monsters are blooming with thirst for the ravages of the family. The fate of the NRverse hangs on the outcome of this clash!  The rift is burgeoning out of control as the family has finally agreed to allow outside champions engage in this family’s ferocious tradition.  The survivor will shape the balance of the elements to their desires and reign as a god until the next while they fulfill their deepest, most desired wish.

Up to four players playing simultaneously to create a true battlefield of chaos. Simplistic gameplay to pick up but plenty of ingredients to strategize around and master.  Attack with brute force, torment with ailments, bind by sapping their elemental energy, destroy the environment, and whatever else it takes to defeat your foes.  Only one will remain still standing on top victoriously when the mist strewn from the destruction finally clears and no other can muster the ability to fight.

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