About NR, utd.

About NR, utd.

NR, utd began as a single developer while being a student within University of Advancing Technology. While enrolled in college, efficiency and minimal expenses were a necessity in order to accomplish a viable product.  Upon completion of The Adventures of F.L.I.M., the company grew to take on a larger project called Crystalline Cauldron.  The need to work as a team of students had come and work within minimal resources to achieve a completed launch became a necessity.  As the team graduated from UAT, the experience and needs to keep the company afloat came into play.  Some hard times came into play but NR, utd. would not be stopped.  Elemensional Rift is set to be the phoenix’s emergence from the ashes to shine with the official creation of the NRverse as well.

NR, utd. Mission Statement

NR, utd. is dedicated to delivering the greatest entertainment experience we are able to provide. Our most passionate area of game design style is committed to exploring the gray line that rests between the well known black and white definitions that so many companies have yet to dare explore. Learning to develop quickly and minimally has been the company’s core design. Another area of game design the company has grown to embrace is the immersion of audio into gameplay to it’s core to provide an unparalleled gaming experience that is not quite reached anywhere else. Our players’ satisfaction is what we desire to achieve to define our success.



Owner / CEO / COO / Director
Twitter: @NinRac
E-mail: ninrac@nrutd.com
Phone:  +00 (678) 591-1685

“Grif” Michael Chrysler

Twitter: @GrifCannon
E-mail: Click here
Phone:  +00 (770) 733-6705

Meph Suit

Music Composer

“Sage” Coffey

Lead Artist of Mantis Shuffle
Twitter: @SageCoffey
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