Elemensional Rift cast



Kaizen – The Wind Sister





Kaizen is the protective maternal figure looking over her fellow sisters to ensure no permanent harm comes to them.  She channels the wind to guide it into fierce blades that can precisely an individual hair or tunnel a barrier of protection. She prefers to hide in the shadows when on her missions and strike silently within the wind.

Hina the Fire Sister

Hina – The Fire Sister



Hina is a woman with a shy, timid heart that feigns a fierce, ruthless determination with her fashion designs.  She lacks a lot of control over her element and the destruction it causes leaves her extremely guilty and remorseful of the damage that it leaves.  Her secondary passion is the opera, whether viewing or writing a script.

Nekuen - The Water Sister

Nekuen The Water Sister


Nekuen is the happy-go-lucky sister of the water element.  Her intelligence flows endlessly like a babbling brook but also leads to her to her attention span smaller than a gnat.  She is capable of having fun no matter the situation and is rare to see without a smile gleaming across her face.

Mana - The Earth Sister

Mana – The Earth Sister


Mana is the youngest of the four sisters and is also the eager engineer that maintains the earth element.  She delightfully spends her days yearning for the attention of her sisters more than anything else.  When she is bored and away from her family, she spends her time taking care of her adopted pet that she named 5413e12.

Psyren - The Psychic Brother

Psyren – The Psychic Brother


Psyren is oldest of the four elemental brothers and bearer of the psychic element.  His greatest bliss is the all of the love and adoration that women flock to him from his modeling.  While his looks and charms makes it easy for him to win hearts, this has also led to him believing he is perfection brought to life.

Miroi - The Existence Brother

Miroi – The Existence Brother


Miroi is the brother of the element of existence and a defender of justice.  He is determined to bring that which is defined as good and vanquish the evil deeds of the world.  He will seek any means necessary, including resorting to performing the same tasks he seeks to eliminate from the world.

Drake - The Void Brother

Drake – The Void Brother


Drake is the crafty brother that maintains the void element.  His purposes are draped in a thick fog of mystery while he controls his three brothers.  His desires aren’t certain but he is known to have a lust for making everything his own.

'Zieque - The Electric Brother

‘Zieque – The Electric Brother



‘Zieque is the youngest of the four brothers and resides over the element of electricity.  He is by far the least productive member of the family and spends most of the time he is awake setting up pranks.  When something has excited his interest, he has a very direct tunnel vision that cannot take his focus off of his desire.