Elemensional Rift items


A loaded weapon armed with a powerful creature.  Firing this will unleash explosive bees upon those standing in your way and make they fear calling you out for being yellow.


The trusty and true Feueratem is a powerful weapon for releasing flames in front of the user.  Pick it up and unleash the burning rage on those who dare stand before your way until they are roasted to a crisp.

Figurine Case

A case of a collectible figurine.  Which figurine may be inside?  A true collector is always up for the challenge to get the entire set.  There is no greater reward than completing the entire set.

Flash Grenade

Flash Grenade

A compact and stunning explosive that disorients and blinds the victim.  This potent disorientation is not limited just to the combatants but anyone else that may be nearby.  Such a dangerous tool should be used carefully.

Food & Drinks

An assortment of edible objects with varying tastes and effects for conquering hunger. Please remember your manners while eating. The middle of combat is no excuse for oneself to slouch on maintaining proper eating etiquette.

Helper's Horn

Helper’s Horn

Powerful horn that brings forth great legends from across the universe.  Many will try to help the one who beckons their services but others have a different plan in mind.

Mystic Mask of Trammel

Mask of Concealment

A binding mask that grips firmly onto the face of the victim.  While gripping firmly onto the victim, this continues to inflict the Mystic ailment onto the victim.

Smoke Grenade

Smoke Grenade

A small hand-sized contained that, when detonated, releases a stream of smoke that will distract the victim and obscure their vision.  Crafty usage of this can also provide a short and temporary means of hiding from the opponents to set up a trap as well.


Zieque's Zapper (Inactive)

‘Zieque’s Zapper

A pair of stakes that dig itself firmly into the ground.  When firmly planted, a static field emits between the stakes.  Any character caught by a spark released within the field will receive a shock and paralyzing pain through their bodies.