Official Elemensional Rift group

In preparations for Momo Con, the upcoming crowdsourcing campaign (coming soon), and a few other possible surprises to help the signal boost, this surprise is another one that is throwing a few of my fellow developers off guard (and let’s hope it is a surprise that shows some positive gain so they will learn some great ways to reach out more to others).  This is the official Elemensional Rift deviantart group and will be stage for showing off the in-game art assets as well as a central hub to keep any fanart that may come up together (because receiving fanart is a fantastic feeling and I believe this is a great way to show it off with giving credit back to the original artist).  I’ve only just started filling it up and have a lot of other things to do so it will take some time to fill it all out but keep an eye out as I will try to keep a steady supply of art assets while I catch it up to my current progress.

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