NR, utd. is back from Momo Con 2015

NR, utd. is back from Momo Con and showing off Elemensional Rift.  It was a great show for such an extremely early access.  Now that all of the live interaction about Elemensional Rift is over, it is time to go full force towards the online efforts for the crowdsourcing campaign.  It is still taking donations and is your chance to get involved on the ground floor with early access in the development process.  Here is the IndieGoGo campaign

No game crashing bugs was a huge wave of relief.  There was consistent minor bug that kept springing up of the stage attempting to steal credit for KOs and confused the engine.  That should be a quick fix to get into the engine.  The only other minor bug had to do with powerful hits that would knock the victim through the colliders.  That one will be a little trickier to fix completely but that is the nature of the beast.  Feedback was great and everyone who picked up a controller enjoyed themselves.  Also was great getting to see the reactions to the breakable roof and only further encourages to make more objects destructible once I finish fine-tuning a few more details about that process.  There was also a lot of feedback for details for me to go through for the jumping and have begun forming a few plans to experiment with.  One other unexpected detail that I will have to plan around is attack spamming for physical attacks.  A plan is already being formed around that but it will take a little bit of work to implement that.

Most exciting part about the booth for me was getting Rami Ismail (of Vlambeer) to check out Elemensional Rift.  He was able to see that for being an alpha I am on a good track and have lots of potential.  Certainly feels like a great compliment, especially from someone who is a good bit more established than myself.  You can bet I will follow through with his request to keep him updated as I hit major milestones.

The panels also were great.  There was a lot of great help from Grif, Sage Coffey, and our special guest Eniko.  The one that occurred Thursday night got extended an extra hour for all of the attendees.  They greatly appreciated it and had plenty of great questions.  It was not as great for my booth assistant because he had to close up and bring the supplies to up to the panel but we did have a back-up plan prepared for just in case.  For those who would like to see the presentation, you can download it here.  The Saturday panel also had a lot of great questions and feedback.  We would have stayed after being let out but myself and Eniko had to get back down to our booths.

Here is some of the photos from the Elemensional Rift booth:

IMG_1211 IMG_1215 IMG_1219  IMG_1230 IMG_1237 IMG_1244  IMG_1250 IMG_1254IMG_1223IMG_1249

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