Transitioning from AWA to SIEGE

AWA turned out quite well for NR, utd.  With the Game Design Document workshop going well, Practicing Pitch panel held up for the early morning of the last day, and lots going on during the remainder to keep me busy and involved with the attendees.  Also met a really dedicated cosplayer who went all out on her Lt. Hawkeye cosplay with all sorts of thorough details and folders of reports.  She was a file cabinet and definitely serves as a reminder of the hardcore fans know no limits.

For this weekend that is finishing up, streamer Kintinue hosted a charity streaming event called “Gaming For Gonads”.  Her goal was to raise $1,000 for the Testicular Cancer Society .  Her community was incredibly active and supportive and made it a fantastic event.  For the 24 hour marathon, they achieved their goal before the end of the first hour!  Not only that, but ArenaNet (developers of the Guild Wars series) gave the even a mention to the Guild Wars 2 community while she was streaming Guild Wars 2.  One of the Twitch employees also joined the event and hung around for a couple hours.  Lots of great fun and impressively, she raised over double her goal with room to spare.  Send her love and support and you can certainly enjoy a lot of fun.

As for what is coming up for me, SIEGE Con is coming up this next weekend.  NR, utd, will be a part of the Indie Cluster event and showing off Elemensional Rift again.  If you’re in the Atlanta area, come check it out and check out other indies in the area.  After SIEGE, NR will finally get an event breather while the holidays roll in.  After the holidays, though, comes getting ready for a return to Momo Con and showing all of the progress and updates.

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