End of 2016 wrap-up 1

This year has been quite an accomplished year for NR, utd. and there have been many things to show for the progress of Elemensional Rift in 2015.  From content development to expanding the gameplay to public showcasing, things have grown for both NR, utd. and Elemensional Rift.  There are always multiple facets running and growing for NR, utd. but I will try to sum it up the best it can be done because a standard chronological order does not work.

At the beginning of the year, Elemensional Rift was just getting a 4th playable character.  The year started with creating a new stage and multiple modes for each stage.  The new modes, the judge and (for many) the new Psyren was a huge breath of fresh invigoration and great, positive growth over the year at Momo Con.  There were many more people playing Elemensional Rift at Momo Con 2016 than Momo Con 2015.  There is plenty more to that visit but if you want to hear more about that particular event, you can read about the post here.

After Momo Con and the great performance, there was a rush to dive into the new content for SIEGE 2016 as well as streaming development.  Streaming has grown a bit since then but there will be a revamp on the design over the upcoming new year.  If you haven’t heard, you can find it at http://twitch.tv/ninrac and continue seeing more about the development progress.  In development for SIEGE 2016, there are now helpers, the item roster has doubled, and there are now figurines to collect in the game.  In addition to the game development growth for SIEGE 2016, there was also an Investor Conference.  NR utd. came close to winning but the winner ended up being Stork Burnt Down.  If you would like to see the full pitch session, you can view it here.

SIEGE 2016, however, was not the end of the year and progress has continued even harder since.  The first cameo fighter known as Crispy B. has now joined the roster of fighters.  Crispy B. was developed by SnoutUp Games and if you would like to learn more about the games that made Crispy B. what it is, check out the SnoutUp Games itch.io store.  The character selection screen and battle results have also been entirely overhauled from the ground-up to a more solidified and sleeker design to match the inclusion of the 8 guest fighters after Crispy B.’s inclusion.  Did I forget to mention that there are now multiple outfits for each character?  You will have to unlock some of them to get the entire wardrobe.  The gameplay mechanics also experienced a major overhaul as the throwing mechanics were also torn apart and built back up.  The re-balancing of the roster is also going through a major overhaul before the end of the year, as well as a new helper.

2016 has accomplished a few major milestones and adjusted to a lot of the feedback given throughout the year.  Quite a bit of content has also been created to give much more depth to the gameplay.  The year of 2017 is also looking promising with the next fighter in development to start off the new year and a new stage before Momo Con 2017.  Who is this new character and what do they have to do with the new stage?  What is this new stage building up to?  I don’t want to reveal all of the details yet because you will need to keep an eye on us to see what is next to be dealt from our deck of surprises.

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