Momo Con 2016

Momo Con 2016 was a gigantic success for Elemensional Rift!  The indie hall was moved to a superior location for the venue.  There was a lot of foot traffic with lots of new players and a large group of returning players.  I was a little better about taking pictures this year but spent a portion of the  time by myself so it was tricky to gather the pictures that I had gathered.  A shout out to “Grif” Michael Chrysler, Anthony “The Sexy Booth Stud” Dellapena, and CanHasAmbz for the help they offered at the booth. The addition of up to 4 playable players, 2 computers to play on, and a better table layout.  Figurines were also there to help give those passing by something to hold.  From Thursday through Sunday, it was hard to even get a break to rest, however that is a great thing with people wanting to check it out, continue playing and even come back.  The new stage, Mana’s Factory, went well and the different modes for the stages also really helped add some variety.  A few sales were also made.  However the detail I am most excited about is the success of the new playable character, Psyren.

Momo Con 2015 - PsyrenIMG_2985[1]

Psyren was such a large risk to show at a large convention.  He was only just finished a few days before the convention, had little time for deep testing and no time for balancing.  There is still a bit of room for tweaking but overall was extremely smooth fresh start for Psyren’s entry.  His advanced level  techniques really set him apart on having clear and distinct methods to show room for growth through understanding.  Nearly half of his arsenal does not do damage on it’s own but the build up and mind games he provides make up for the unique flexibility and strategy that someone who can read their opponents can really capitalize and dominate with.


Here are some more photos from the booth.

IMG_2990[1]IMG_2992[1]IMG_2996[1]IMG_2997[1] IMG_2998[1]IMG_3002[1]IMG_3004[1]CjjQqYhUYAIPkGi

It wasn’t all just about the booth either at Momo Con.  There was also the Game Design Document workshop that went very well.  Ritsruperg is the name of the game they came up with an extremely limited amount of time.  You can read about it at (and for those who would like to see the template that we had started with, you can get it here ).  The second panel I hosted ended up being more of one I took over because the original hots did not show up.  It was about being an Indie Game Developer.  The last panel was about taking care of one’s most valuable asset.  While the attendance was a little small for the panel, it really touched the attendees very deeply.  The reception and how deeply connected it touched people meant far more than any of the other panels.

There is even more to report from Momo Con.  A special guest made a surprise visit.  The lovely Kintinue came to Momo Con.  It was great to meet such a fantastic streamer in person but she came with even better news.  On her way to Momo Con, she was officially partnered with Twitch!  This is a great achievement for such a hard working person.  If you are on Twitch, take a moment and follow my personal favorite streamer.  You won’t be disappointed.

Just to leave things with one last boom, if you have missed it, here is the trailer Elemensional Rift prepared for Momo Con 2016.

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