Elemensional Rift at SFGE 2022

With the effects of COVID still looming through the world, the appearances of Elemensional Rift has still been sparse and carefully chosen. This year, the one event Elemensional Rift has chosen to appear at is Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo. They have been very kind and supportive and other events feel a bit too high risk from their much larger attendance and international visitors. Let’s examine how the weekend went and how changes have emerged.

Elemensional Rift booth display at Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo

It has been roughly a year since last at SFGE, and there were a lot of notes taken from the previous show. The results of rebuilding several characters from the ground-up may be hard for returning players to notice and would be impossible for first time players, but the way the experiences went, a positive result could certainly be felt. In addition, the massive visual makeover of the cast has created a positive wave of drawing the attendees in to hear more about each of the characters. The biggest of additions for the show, however, was the newest addition to the roster. Returning from Mantis Shuffle is Zanipher, the junior year dancing instructor from Desmond.

Zanipher was scheduled and ready to make his debut at Momo Con had Elemensional Rift showed up, so this resulted in his cameo appearance delayed until SFGE. Zanipher did get some steady usage but his advanced skillset and technique ceiling might have been a little too much for the audience at the show. The results will probably be quite different for the DreamHack audience that have a better fit for pushing the skill ceiling to a higher level.

There was a very steady stream of players checking out the combat and with the refined perfect guard and parry attack system, there were quite a few intense battles. The survival challenge also put up a great, intense challenge. Many valiant attempts but none succeeded this time. One player managed to get to the final battle but could not get the final victory needed to survive. There were also some very large battles as players dived into the massive battlefield of the onslaught mode as well. With the upcoming teasers of a large reveal of lore coming for the entire available cast, there is much to look forward to for Elemensional Rift.

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