Elemensional Rift returns to DreamHack

After quite an eventful year, Elemensional Rift was ready to return for a strong showing at DreamHack: Atlanta. The adjustment of DreamHack pushing back to December certainly created some mental adjustments for both the weather and timing. While many were chilled from the cooler temperatures, they quickly warmed up from all of the excitement.

The DreamHack attendees had quite the new experience from the previous showing of Elemensional Rift at DreamHack. The experienced players who had returned could see the massive difference in feel between characters. There were several new items to explore for both new and returning players. In addition, this was the first public look at the new stage, Drake’s Temple. The Temple was quite well received. For those yearning for the simplicity and pure battle of the arena form of the stage, it delivered quite nicely and was quite easy to read. For those eager to embrace the battlefield form of the stage, the levels provide an unique feel compared to any other stage. The players felt free to maneuver around in a stage that can seem constricted within but provided great freedom taking advantage of the ability to maneuver through platforms now.

It would not be a showcasing at DreamHack without a tournament. We were graced with one of the Contenders eSports champions showing up to play for keeps. D*Ron came to show why Kaizen, formerly ranked as one of the weakest, after her revamp, is now a ferocious beast. Thanks to Top8er.com , we also have a nice graphic to show the top 8 of the tournament.

Now that DreamHack is over, it is time to go through the feedback, apply the results, and begin the planning for next year. There is much to get ready as Elemensional Rift clears out the remaining tasks on it’s agenda while progressing momentum towards the first cracks at public release.

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