Elemensional Rift Appears at Momo Con 2024

It is time once again for Elemensional Rift showcasing at Momo Con. While there has been a bit of behind the scenes work, the big, new show piece for this year was the new Bounty mode along with much of the music revamped towards what will be in the final release. Many other smaller details really showed off the work towards polishing the experience.

The attention to detail and the effort towards polish was quite noticeable from the feedback. In addition, the new Bounty mode was receiving a trove of positive reviews. While play sessions do show the fun factor for the Bounty mode increase exponentially with more players, play sessions also showed that Bounty was not really shining with only 1-on-1 battles. An update has been made to restrict it towards 3 or more fighters.

The stats also created some interesting surprises. For the first time in a long while, there was an extremely close race for most play sessions throughout the weekend. Neon took a strong lead from the beginning of the event and managed to hold the lead to the very end but Crispy B. and Kaizen were trailing behind by only a couple of battles. Surprisingly, Crispy B. and Selphieroth only had a mere difference of a single win for highest total of wins throughout the weekend. As for win rates, it is not surprising that Miroi continues to maintain the highest win rate, however, a dead-lock tie between Drake and Mr. Bishounen took place for second highest win rate.

The weekend turned out to be a great success, even if the unusual schedule for this year made it too complicated to host a tournament. Even without a tournament, there was a lot of great reception and many quite happy players eager to see what comes next for Elemensional Rift.

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