This last weekend was Dreamhack in Atlanta and NR, utd. was certain to bring Elemensional Rift to such an important convention to end the year very strong.  Dreamhack is one of the newer conventions to North America but has been around for a couple decades in Europe.  Dreamhack started off […]

Elemensional Rift at Dreamhack Atlanta 2018

NR, utd. is back from SIEGE 2018 and it was an exciting show with many developers from across the country discussing and sharing their experiences.  If you’re a part of the game developer industry or looking to join the game developer industry, especially in the south-eastern corner of the US, […]

Displaying at SIEGE 2018

NR, utd. was at CIM Fest this weekend at Columbus State University over in Columbus, GA.  It was a very large change of pace compared to the string of conventions Elemensional Rift has been shown at lately.  As someone who has gone through the process of setting up events while at […]

NR, utd. at CIMFest 2018

NR, utd. has happily just come back from a happy return to Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo (SFGE) .  For a convention so soon after a big convention like Momo Con, it had to be a good one to bring new details so quickly with so little time to recharge.  SFGE certainly did […]

Elemensional Rift at SFGE 2018

This year, NR, utd. started off with a bang.  Right off the bat, NR, utd. was hosting the first panel in one of the Main Events rooms.  This panel was an indie developer round table discussion about various feeling and expertises in the variety of fields of game development.  As […]

NR, utd. at Momo Con 2018

This former Tuesday, the local community of indie developers, Indie Cluster, hosted a donor party to help celebrate how far the community has come over the past couple years.  Started as an idea by the organizer, Ron Jones (the artist), to help fill the significant void of organization of the indie […]

Indie Cluster Donor Party

NR, utd. has completed a showcasing of Elemensional Rift at SIEGE 2017.  For those not familiar with SIEGE, it is more of an expo than a convention, which means it has more of a focus on the industry than the public market.  NR, utd. views that as a great to […]

Final showcasing of the year completed

This last weekend was the weekend of Dreamhack in Atlanta, as well as the first occurrence of Dreamhack in Atlanta (second time in the USA with the first time only a few weeks ago in Austin, TX).  If you are not familiar with Dreamhack, the Swedish festival (where it began […]

Elemensional Rift at Dreamhack Atlanta 2017

Before I tell about SFGE, NR, utd. gets to make a special announcement that happened while at SFGE…   We won the 2017 Best of Smyrna for Media Services!  This was an honor that was not expected and shows all of the work, showcasing, and pushing the business is starting […]

Post-SFGE and special announcement