AWA turned out quite well for NR, utd.  With the Game Design Document workshop going well, Practicing Pitch panel held up for the early morning of the last day, and lots going on during the remainder to keep me busy and involved with the attendees.  Also met a really dedicated […]

Transitioning from AWA to SIEGE

For those of you who weren’t aware, this weekend is the weekend of AWA in Atlanta.  This is also a special AWA as it’s AWA #21, and 21st year is always a special right of passage here in America.   There are quite a lot of great events going on […]

Creating a GDD at AWA 2015

After meeting up with the guys of Liquid Courage at Momo Con 2015, they decided to have a session about Elemensional Rift.  They certainly had a lot of fun and got to test out quite an early build of Elemensional Rift and experience the raw, early build.  Instead of rambling, […]

Elemensional Rift covered by Liquid Courage

NR, utd. is back from Momo Con and showing off Elemensional Rift.  It was a great show for such an extremely early access.  Now that all of the live interaction about Elemensional Rift is over, it is time to go full force towards the online efforts for the crowdsourcing campaign. […]

NR, utd. is back from Momo Con 2015

IndieGoGo Campaign The Elemensional Rift campaign has just gone live and is looking for help to become a successful campaign.  Please share and support and linking back is not only fully allowed but completely encouraged!  Just in time for the public appearance at Momo Con!

Elemensional Rift IndieGoGo campaign has now gone live!

Elemensional Rift unveiled
In preparations for Momo Con, the upcoming crowdsourcing campaign (coming soon), and a few other possible surprises to help the signal boost, this surprise is another one that is throwing a few of my fellow developers off guard (and let’s hope it is a surprise that shows some positive gain so […]

Official Elemensional Rift group

NR returns once again to the Infinite Lives podcast.  Certainly lots to tell about the NR, utd. progress and preparation for Momo Con.  Also more talking about the fighting metagame scene as well as some reflection on nostalgia. Listen to the podcast here

Return of the Infinite Lives

NR, the owner of NR, utd., got interviewed by Dan P. of Infinite Lives. During the interview, we discussed various topics such as the upcoming Elemensional Rift, Momo Con coming up in May, and various gaming such as Street Fighter and Pokémon. Listen to the podcast here

NR, utd. gets interviewed

Momo Con was a blast.  Lots of great interaction and meeting of some very interesting people.  We even hosted a panel about Indie dev start up with the Sage Coffey (the lead artist for Mantis Shuffle) and Michael Chrysler (the Lead Quality Assurance for Mantis Shuffle as well as the voice […]

Momo Con 2014

So just last week, GameJolt had a big jam competition.  The theme of it was chaos, and you can read more about the results here.  NR, utd.’s submission was Summon the Chaos, and was put together within 72 hours of development time (in addition to a few extra hours for polish and minor […]

Summon the Chaos