NR, utd. at CIMFest 2018

NR, utd. was at CIM Fest this weekend at Columbus State University over in Columbus, GA.  It was a very large change of pace compared to the string of conventions Elemensional Rift has been shown at lately.  As someone who has gone through the process of setting up events while at University first hand, there was a lot to appreciate for what had been accomplished by the group.  Trying to compare it to  other events that happened over the past couple of months would be very difficult for such a large difference in scale.

More importantly, showing at CIM Fest was a great deal of fresh, new exposure.  Only a small handful of faces I had seen before and the rest were all new faces I was meeting for the first time.  Reception for Elemensional Rift was also quite positive as well.  There was great appreciation for the directions Elemensional Rift has evolved towards over the past several shows.  The accessibility was very important along with the attention for wild, zany, unpredictable behaviors.  Even the small updates for the judge to feel more alive and have a personality were well appreciated.

And managed to sneak in a couple of extra pictures of people playing Elemensional Rift.

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