Elemensional Rift at Pharoah’s Conclave

This weekend, NR, utd. brought Elemensional Rift over to Pharoah’s Conclave to help provide entertainment and fun for high school students wanting to explore the world of e-Sports as a career. Along with the talents of Skillshot and Axis Replay, there was quite a lot of entertainment for the kids to enjoy. There were students of all ages and several schools showing up to compete and represent their schools. It was also a first time of teams working together in Elemensional Rift in a tournament setting.

Elemensional Rift display at PCX 2019

The day began with the kids coming in and exploring everything available. With many things to check out, the kids were happily checking out everything they could. The kids that came to compete did not shy away from checking out each game on display to get a step up on their competition.

After a few hours, the tournaments began and there was quite a display as the competitors lined up with their teammates to fight for their victories. For each competitors’ first round, a few practice rounds were given to allow for familiarity since Elemensional Rift is not publicly available yet. This helped players feel further comfortable about their standings and performance. After the practice, matches played off in 2 vs. 2 format using the team mode feature.

First round of the finals

The matches were intense and each team in the tournament had their own style and strategy. One team tried combining the wind sister and earth sister to combine opposite playstyles, one team attempted Drake and Otagaz for a strategy of power and intimidation, one team focused on doubling up on the easiest to use character of Crispy B., and the last team combined the field control of Psyren with the power of Otagaz. After a series of double elimination matches, the duo of Crispy B. users emerged victorious with careful team work of the many explosive attacks of the porky adventurer!

Elemensional Rift team champions of Pharoah’s Conclave 2019

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