Elemensional Rift at SFGE 2019

This previous weekend was Elemensional Rift’s return to Southern Fried Gameroom Expo! While the number of attendees is smaller than some of the other major shows Elemensional Rift appears at, SFGE has an audience that is highly invested into gaming and loves all sorts of aspects of gaming. If you have not been to SFGE before, there are a wide range of pinball games, arcade games, indie games, and even tabletop games. The variety of games and the heavy focus on all forms of games really makes it feel special for anyone who enjoys all aspects of gaming.

There was a nice growth for the indies showing at SFGE this year. Along with Elemensional Rift, a few others have returned for their third year in a row such as Twin Cop and Zap Blastum. There were a few other new games making their first public appearance as well. Even two different indie VR games. In total, there were 21 games on display for the indie hall.

In addition to showcasing Elemensional Rift, NinRac was invited to talk on a couple of panels. The first panel was about High Definition graphics vs. retro art styles and had Kartik Kini of Finite Reflections as the moderator, Mike Stumhofer of HOF Studios, and Brannan Vitek. The second panel was about streaming and the moderator was Bobby Blackwolf of Voices of Geek Network, with DrKrazy (the new Twitch Atlanta community manager), LunarKats and Faydra_Black sharing their experiences as variety streamers while NinRac shared his experiences as a game developer streamer.