Momo Con 2014

Momo Con was a blast.  Lots of great interaction and meeting of some very interesting people.  We even hosted a panel about Indie dev start up with the Sage Coffey (the lead artist for Mantis Shuffle) and Michael Chrysler (the Lead Quality Assurance for Mantis Shuffle as well as the voice of Slip).  The room was fully packed before we had even gotten there.  That was a huge surprise to us and made all three of us think we were in the wrong room.  For those interested in seeing the presentation, it can be viewed here and you can hear the recording of it (courtesy of Two Dash Stash) right here.  You could even read the presentation while listening to us for a better feeling of being there with us.  I can’t wait until Momo Con 2015 and returning to such a great crowd!

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