Figurines of Elemensional Rift

During this week, the figurines for Elemensional Rift have been introduced.  In particular, the first figurine introduced was the Kintinue figurine during her birthday celebration stream.



They are a collectible bunch for players who love to collect them all.  There is expected to be a total of 256 to collect when the game launches.  For those who do not care for collecting will still need to be wary of the figurines.  It has only been announced that they will play some purpose to the battle but the specific details have not been revealed yet.  You might need to gather some to find out for yourself.  Tell us what you think and let us know how interested you would be in having some of these figurines made into real figurines for you to purchase.


Below are a couple other figurines to look forward to.


Hina Figurine


'Zieque's Zapper Figurine

Figurine of ‘Zieque’s Zapper

Judge Figurine

Figurine of the Judge

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